• Manson v. Voelker
      Prevailed in ordering dismissal of defamation case by SLAPP motion and obtaining award of attorneys fees for defendant.
    • Sale of Surgery Center
      Represented seller in sale of local surgery center.
    • Sale of Smurfit Newsprint Corporation of California Pomona Mill
      Represented Seller in the sale of the Pomona newsprint Mill to Blue Heron Paper Company of California LLC
    • Stone Container v. LA Dispatch Transportation
      Represented commercial landlord in unlawful detainer action against tenant. Tenant vacated premises and monetary settlement achieved at mediation.
    • SPC/Pomona LLC v. MediaNews Group Inc.
      Represented Plaintiff newsprint manufacturer in breach of contract action against seventh largest U.S. newspaper owner. Unanimous jury verdict awarded Plaintiff $2,740,877 in addition to recovering $2,400,000 after filing of Complaint. Total recovery = $5,140,877.
    • Juan Saucedo Jr. v. Smurfit-Stone Container Corp, et. al.
      Represented employer in wrongful termination action by terminated employee. Achieved Judgment for the employer on the pleadings prior to trial.
    • Cindee Morby v. Robert Tischler, City of Los Angeles
      Represented separated spouse in vehicular wrongful death action involving local area power failure. Settlement before trial of $600,000.
    • Estate of Jack Haley, Jr.
      Represented Special Trustee in settlement of Will/Trust contest in entertainer's estate. Matter settled at court-ordered probate mediation.
    • A.C. Watson v. Allen M. Watson, et. al.
      Represented Plaintiff actress in breach of fiduciary duty actions against (1) her parents for defalcation of monies earned during seven years on a nationally broadcast television series, (2) accountants for mishandling tax audits, (3) personal manager for violation of Talent Agency Act. Judgment for Plaintiff against parents for $1,439,838. Other claims settled.
    • People ex.rel. Dept. of Corporations v. SpeeDee Oil Change Systems; Beldoon Corp., etc. v. SpeeDee Oil Change systems, Cal Neva Oil Corp., Mobil Oil Corp.
      Represented Defendant Mobil Oil Corporation as California discovery counsel in antitrust suit brought by 60 franchisees alleging tying claims in connection with Mobil's strategic alliance as a vendor of motor oil with SpeeDee Oil Change Systems. Nonsuit for Mobil granted.
    • Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (U.S.) v. California Insurance Guarantee Association
      Represented Plaintiff Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (U.S.) on a disputed "covered claim" under Ins. Code §1063, et. seq. Bench decision for Plaintiff for $225,000.
    • Levy-Gardner-Laven Prod., Inc. v. Crystal Cruises
      Represented Plaintiff production company in copyright infringement action. U.S. District Court. Case settled.
    • VMI v. Kollmorgen Corporation
      Represented Plaintiff electric motor manufacturer on breach of contract and tortious interference claims in U.S. District Court. Case Settled.
    • Buccellato v. Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (U.S.)
      Represented Defendant Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (U.S.) in industrial forklift accident case. involving neurological injuries. Case settled.
    • Estate of Bertha Rottenberg
      Represented 30% Will beneficiary in constructive trust challenge to joint tenancy charitable accounts. Case settled at probate mediation.
    • Lovco Construction v. Mobil Oil Corporation
      Represented Defendant Mobil Oil Corporation against alleged violations of environmental regulations including CERCLA at Mobil's Torrance Refinery, and construction disputes concerning construction of hazardous chemical tanks and site development. U.S. District Court. Case settled at mediation with Hon. David N. Eagleson (Ret. – Cal. Supreme Ct).
    • American Economy v. Oyster House Saloon, Sharp Electronics, et. al.
      Represented Plaintiff in product liability jury trial against manufacturer of calculator alleged to have caused a major fire in a local restaurant. Defense verdict 9/3.
    • Golden Eagle Beverage v. National Beverage; American National Can Corp.
      Represented Defendant American National Can Corp. in breach of contract action involving spoilage due to alleged improperly secured lids on over one million cans of carbonated soda shipped to Japan. Case settled.
    • Gold v. Baranov & Wittenberg
      Represented partners in contested dissolution of law partnership. Case settled.

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